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Pursuant to the Immigrant Reform and Control Act of 1986, all applicants, upon being made an offer of employment, must present documents, which are specified by the federal government, establishing their identity and authorization for employment in the United States. These documents must be produced no later than seventy two (72) hours after commencement of employment. You will also be required to sign form I-9 (issued by the federal government) verifying, under oath, your employment authorization.



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All applicants who receive a conditional job offer will be required to submit to a urinalysis test to be performed by a laboratory chosen by Capital City Beverages Inc. All applicants' job offers will be contigent upon the applicant passing the urinalysis test. This test will be used to determine the presence of illegal substances. The lab will report to the company as to whether illegal drugs were detested by the test. A verified positive result for the presence of illegal drugs will disqualify the applicant for employment Capital City Beverages Inc. or subsidiaries.

I understand this application is only valid for the position applied for at the present time and that Capital City Beverages Inc. or any of its affiliates are not obligated to retain or consider this application for future openings.

If employed by Capital City Beverages Inc., or any of its affiliates, I agree that I will abide by all Capital City Beverages Inc and its affiliates' policies and rules. I will acknowledge that, except for the condition that my employment shall be at-will, Capital City Beverages and its affiliates' policies and rules may be changed, interpreted, withdrawn or supplemented by Capital City Beverages Inc at any time, with or without, prior notice to me.

I agree and understand that if I am offered a position with the Company, it is offered on the condition that my employment will be at-will and for no definite period and that I have no express or contractual rights to continued employment with the Company. I understand that just as I have the right to terminate my employment, at any time, for any or no reason, the Company also has the right to terminate my employment, at any time, for any or no reason, with or without cause or notice. I understand that, except for the President/CEO of the Company, no supervisor or manager may alter or amend the conditions stated in this paragraph. Only the President/CEO has authority to enter into agreement for employment for any specified period of time or the make any agreement contrary to the forgoing, and then only in writing, recorded with the Vice President Human Resources in the offer letter.

I voluntarily and knowingly authorize, for employment purposes only, any present or past employer or supervisor, university or institution of learning, administrator, law enforcement agency, state agency, federal agency, credit bureau, private business, military branch or the National Personnel Records Center, personal reference, and/or other persons to give records or information they may have concerning my criminal history, motor vehicle history, earnings history and employment records, credit history, worker's compensation claims, general reputation, character, or any other information requested by Capital City Beverages Inc., its affiliates, and/or its agents and representatives. I understand that if hired, my consent will apply throughout my employment unless I revoke or cancel it by sending a signed letter to the company Human Resources Office.

Voluntary Equal Opportunity Questionnaire

Employees are treated without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, union affilation, or any other characteristic protected by the applicable federal and state laws. The purpose of this data is to comply with government record keeping, reporting or other legal requirements. Periodic reports are made available to the government with the following information. Inclusion or exclusion of any data will not affect any employment decision.

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By clicking the submit button below, I certify that all of the information provided by me on this application is true and complete, and I understand that if any false information, omissions, or misrepresentations are discovered, my application may be rejected and, if I am employed, my employment may be terminated at any time. I further authorize Capital City Beverages Inc and its affiliates to make use of credit reports which will include information as to my character and general reputation. I also authorize the companies, organizations or persons named herein or anyone else contacted to give information regarding my employment, character, qualifications, etc, they may have regarding me, whether or not it is on their records. I hereby release Capital City Beverages Inc, its affiliates and said companies, organizations and persons from liability attributed to this information.